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About this digital bullet journal...

I tried to make this digital journal as realistic as possible! The cover and pages are designed to make you feel like you're using an actual, physical bullet journal. This journal is also very minimal.

My intention was for you to take this digital bujo and customize it to make it fit your lifestyle! You can do that by doodling on it in the note-taking app of your choice (GoodNotes, Notability, Collanote, etc.), by creating your own digital stickers, or by using my digital sticker sets that will be available right HERE in my Etsy shop.

Every single month I'll be releasing a digital plan with me video on YouTube featuring a unique monthly theme. You can then download the cover and stickers that I create each month... fun, right?!

To get you started I've made a free digital sticker set with some basic titles and trackers that you can use throughout 2022 :)

Personalize your journal

Download collections to do things like meal plan, track your goals, collect memories, plan events, track your tv shows, and more!

Download my themed monthly title pages and digital sticker sheets!

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a realistic cover, yearly title page, index, future log, space to add up to 4 collections (available on ETSY), monthly title pages, monthly calendars, weekly pages, extra blank dot-grid pages.


This journal uses hyperlinks on the side tabs. Please note: this planner is made for you to add more pages by duplicating the template pages provided in the digital planner. I did this in order to keep the file size small (otherwise some notes apps may struggle to load it) and to prevent having tons of blank pages for you to sift through. Please don't delete any of the original pages as it will hurt the functionality of the hyperlinks.


To use the pdf you must open it in a note-taking app such as Goodnotes, Collanote, or Notability. Apps such as these may require you to make a one-time purchase in the app store.


For flipthroughs of all of my planners and for other planning content check out my social media:


All files included in this download are original and copyright to Rylee Autumn. They are for personal use only and cannot be resold, remade, copied or distributed in any shape or form. I have the right to take legal action if you violate any of these terms.

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